DevZone TechTalk – Testing what matters to end users

The thousands of software packages that make a Linux bistro have to install and run flawlessly at all times – that is the key value a distro provides. How do you ensure that? Here at SUSE we have our own unique testing framework, called openQA. Unlike many other test tools, openQA particularly focuses on testing graphical user interfaces the way a real user would use them, i.e. by simulating keystrokes and mouse movements and observing on-screen behaviour. In this video, Marco Varlese sits down with Santiago Zarate, Dan Cermak and Oliver Kurz and talks through openQA and how to get started with it.

If you’re curious to dig in further, have a look at these live stream recordings where Dan Cermak dives deeper into the matter:

The openQA project can be found at, and help can be found on the #opensuse-factory IRC channel on Freenode.

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