Andrew Gracey

Andrew is a software engineer turned advocate who loves simplifying ideas and concepts to make them more approachable. He enjoys looking at where we can push technology to better help people. He also runs, bikes, and drinks craft beer (and hopes they cancel each other out)

Brendan Bulmer

Brendan is the go-to person for all aspiring students that may want to pursue a career as a developer. He currently manages our academic program and responsible for helping teach the next generation of developers, innovators and open source experts.

Sarah Whitlock

Sarah is the Head of the SUSE Developer Community. She is a developer, educator, and former rocket scientist who believes there is a nerd – and a poet – inside of each of us. She loves helping creative, passionate, and determined people harness the power of community and technology to change the world.

Tim Irnich

Tim is a community builder who loves to create spaces where people can come together, learn from each other and create what nobody could have created alone. He comes from a scientific research and innovation management background and today focuses on modern software development techniques, DevOps and CI/CD.